World No.1 Industry-leading energy efficiency UPS Systems from Servomax


UPS systems feature the following

• Leading AC—AC Efficiency

• Fully redundant design and configuration

• High input and output power factors

• Easy expansion without additional hardware

• Supports to seamless operations at low level of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Our clients are most concerned about power issues such as power failure, power sag, power surge, under voltage or over voltage, frequency variation, harmonic distortion and line noise. Servomax emphasizes the areas of redundant power supply, voltage regulation, equipment protection and adjustment. Their power range, applications and the equipment they protect are listed below:

Power Topology Applications
Lower than 1 KVA Single—Phase Line-lnteractive UPS PC and Peripherals
1 — 20kVA Single—Phase On-Line UPS Server and Network Equipment
10 — 400kVA Three-Phase On-Line UPS Datacenter and Industrial Equipment
20 — 800kVA Redundant within a single rack Three-Phase modular On-Line UPS power supply can be achieved Modular Unit expansion

It truly feels disappointed and bothered when the power goes off in the mid of important work. Power loss in mid of work might be hazardous for our information and data. There is a need for a ...UPS framework to shield the delicate information and correspondence hardware. An uninterruptible power supply framework gives a reinforcement control source to the electrical gadgets connected to it. Precious Power is one of the Single phase online UPS systems manufacturer in India. It offers both the single phase and three phase online UPS framework. If you are searching for the single stage and three phase online UPS manufacturer in Pune, Precious Power is one of the Three phase UPS system manufacturers India and can offer you the best UPS Systems in the market at a reasonable cost. Ensure your delicate information and don't give your work a chance to stop in the center because of a sudden loss of intensity. Contact Precious Power, Three Phase Online UPS Manufacturer in Pune to show signs of improvement quality UPs framework. We offer single and three stage UPS framework according to the prerequisite of the customer. UPS offers reinforcement control as well as goes about as a power conditioner to guarantee the constant power stream.

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