It is wouldn’t be wrong to state that you are spending a lot of money on paying influence bills? No more, get the great power savers from Precious Power, which is one of the greatest energy saver ...manufacturer & suppliers in Pune. We have turned out to be one of the electric power saver manufacturers in Pune by offering the best power savers that can successfully save the power and helps in decreasing the power bills. The power that goes to our homes isn't relentless and there will be various fluctuations, raise and falls in it. The temperamental current can impact the home appliances and a huge amount of heat energy gets wasted. Likewise, the power savers help in securing the power using capacitors and it releases the power in a smoother course without any fluctuations. This engages the capable working of the devices without expediting any damage. The power savers manufactured by Electric Power Saver manufacturers in Pune work for light loads just as especially responsive in dealing with the significant loads in various organizations. Advantages: • Totally guaranteed and asserted. • Productive for a hardcore type. • Reasonable for all cutting edge, private, and business establishments.

Power Saver

Capacity range upto 1000 KVA, 3Ph


Most suitable for
• Street Lights / Security Lighting • Pump Houses
• Telecom Buildings • Software Units / Call Centers
• Sub—Station Buildings • Hotel & Restaurants
• Work Shops • Commercial Complexes
• Food Processing units ..... and many more.

Panel Controls & Indications
• Input Three Phase POWER ON
• Digital energy meter
Salient Features
• Reduces heat generation in chokes, ballast and prevents energy loss and hazards
• We can also provide timing profile for enhanced power savings
• Power savings above 20% in discharge lighting.
• Uses imported, high quality raw material to get high efficiency of 99.5% Reduction in MDI
• Improves life of all equipment
• Uses Isolation shielding to suppress the harmonics and to give quality power to load
• Reduces maintenance cost up to 80%
• Eligible for accelerated depreciation benefit
• Pay back period is 8 to 12 months based on the conditions and usage
• Reduces maintenance cost up to 80%
• Eligible for accelerated depreciation benefit
• Pay back period is 8 to 12 months based on the conditions and usage
• Improves quality of power and enhances life of electrical gadgets
• Use latest technology to save power by optimum supply of power to various loads
• Employs reactive power management system and harmonics filtering system consisting of electronic circuits, special zig — zag inductors, hi— tech R.C. Circuits and essential switch gear systems
• Available in four models to suit requirements like lighting, motors, air conditioners and mixed loads
• Eliminates wastage of power in electrical circuits caused by super imposed power pollution

• Overload with MCB / MCCB
• Manual Bypass provision arrangement
• Short Circuit with MCB / MCCB
• Spike, Surges & RF Suppressers

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