LT Panels


Product Special Features

• SMS facility for Energy Reading & Low Power Factor
• Earth fault relay
• Phase Sequence indication

Most suitable for
• Industrial
• Airport
• Residential
• Stadium
General Features
• L.V Switchboard
• As per IS Standards
• IP 52 / 54/ 55 protection
• Indoor/ Outdoor
• Electrolytic Busbars Aluminium / Copper
• Customized Panels
• Single Front / Double Front / Dead Front
• DMC / SMC Insulators
• Capacity Expandable
• Complete Earthing of Doors & Frame
• Shipping sections as per demand
• Power Control Centres (PCC) Panels
• PMCC Panels
• Motor Control Centres (MCC) Panels
• Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) Panels
• Power Distribution Boards (PDB)
• Sub Distribution Boards
• Main Lighting Distribution Boards (MLDB)
• Sub Lighting Distribution Boards
• Control Desks
• Feeder Pillars
• Non — Segregated LT Busducts

Precious Power is one of the LT panel manufacturers in Pune that offers reliable LT panels at an affordable price. LT panel works as an electrical distribution board that receives power from ...transformer or generator and transfers the same by distributing it to several electronic devices. We offer LT panels for industrial purpose – both internal and external use. The LT panels manufactured by our team are cost-effective as they are designed in such a way that they require low electricity consumption. So, make us your LT panel supplier in Pune partner to get the best LT panels in the market. Precious Power, LT panel dealers in Pune supplies you best quality product in the market. The characteristic of the product offered by LT panel manufacturer in Pune are as follows – • High Performance • Low Maintenance • Reliable Performance • Easy to Install • Safety Features We always design the electrical product by keeping the requirement of the user in Mind and try to make it as efficient as possible at a reasonable cost. We have become one of the best LT panel supplier in Pune due to the quality of the product that we provide to our clients.

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