Servo Controlled Voltage Stablizer

1 Phase Air Cooled

Capacity range upto 25 KVA, 1Ph


Data Log: Last 100 fault events log with Date & Time stamp and works on FIFO basis.
Optional:Out Door Model also Available

High Reliability

Uses Solid state control circuits, Synchrnous motor drive, No warm-up time, No relays, Professional grade ICs and components are used.

Trouble free operation

Quick response time 10 millisec (half a cycle), Efficiency, Low losses, Low temp. rise and withstands in all climate conditions, Provides perfectly stable output power even under severe conditions of voltage fluctuations, Zero wave-form distortion, Unaffected by load power factor, Ruggedized construction Enclosure-IP32, Mounting- Floor Mounted/Free on Wheel, Servo Motor Drive- Rugged AC step synchronous motors.

• CNC Machines
• Telecommunications Equipments
• Bio Medical Equipments
• Large Computer Installations
• Printing Machinery
• Scientist Equipments
• Cell Phone Networks
• Garments Equipments
• Textile Machineries etc

Ouput Input Rating Available
Particular Standards
Input Voltage Range 170-270V AC, 50 Hz
Output Voltage 230V AC 50 Hz 1Phase
Output regulation ±1%
Operating Frequency 47 to 53 Hz
Wave-form distortion Nil
Power factor effect Nil
Line regulation ± 1%
Load regulation ± 1%
Type of cooling Natural Air-cooled
System Construction As per IS:9815
Output wave -form True reproduction of Input
Response Time 10 milli sec.
Servo Motor Drive rugged ac step synchronous motor
Efficiency 98.5%
Enclosure IP32

Protections Indication on Front Panel
High voltage protection } with Relay / Contactor Input ON
Low voltage protection } with Relay / Contactor Output ON
Overload protection } with MCB Output CUT-OFF
Short circuit protection } with MCB Input LOW
Input HIGH
0-300 V 72 Sq. mm analog meter to read output voltage
Other Input Voltages are Available

Is your electrical appliances are getting damaged again and again even in a short period of time? It might be due to uneven voltage spikes which are faced by your electrical equipment. Precious Power ...Technologies is here to help you in resolving all your voltage problems. The single phase air cooled servo controlled voltage stabilizer is really helpful in avoiding the situation of voltage spikes/fluctuations. The most important tool not only provides a constant voltage to the devices but also helps the device to perform its function properly and accurately. Precious Power’s servo controlled voltage stabilizer single phase air cooled units are uniquely designed with various configurations in order to give the complete protection to your devices. We manufacture and supply a broad range of devices which works effectively, reliable, and even long-lasting. Our air cooled servo controlled voltage stabilizers are designed without any flaws that can meet any international standards. Their controlled flow of voltage safeguards the domestic and commercial electronic and electrical systems from the voltage fluctuations. The air cooled single phase stabilizer is easy to install and operate, which requires low maintenance, consumes low power and with automatic digital integrated circuits. The automatic air cooled servo controlled voltage stabilizers are used for domestic purposes, especially for the coolers, refrigerators, incubators, and air conditioning appliances.

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