Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

3 Phase Oil Cooled

Capacity range upto 1500 KVA 3Ph


Data Log: Last 100 fault events log with Date & Time stamp and works on FIFO basis.
Optional:Out Door Model also Available

High Reliability

Uses Solid state control circuits, Synchrnous motor drive, No warm-up time, No relays, Professional grade ICs and components are used.

Trouble free operation

Quick response time 10 millisec (half a cycle), Efficiency, Low losses, Low temp. rise and withstands in all climate conditions, Provides perfectly stable output power even under severe conditions of voltage fluctuations, Zero wave-form distortion, Unaffected by load power factor, Ruggedized construction Enclosure-IP32, Mounting- Floor Mounted/Free on Wheel, Servo Motor Drive- Rugged AC step synchronous motors.

• CNC Machines
• Telecommunications Equipments
• Bio Medical Equipments
• Large Computer Installations
• Printing Machinery
• Scientist Equipments
• Cell Phone Networks
• Garments Equipments
• Textile Machineries etc

Ouput Input Rating Available
Particular Standards
Input Voltage Range 300 - 460V / 340 - 480V / 360 - 460V AC 3 Ph
Output Voltage (3 Ph) 415V AC
Operating Frequency 47 yo 53Hz
Output Voltage Adjustable 380 to 415 V AC in 3 Ph
System Unbalanced 4 wire: R Y B N
Connections Star
Overload Capacity 120%
Operating Frequency 47 to 53 Hz
Output Voltage Regulation + 1% (No Load and Full Load]
Output Waveform True Reproduction of Input
Correction Rate 25 / 15V per Sec-3 Phase
Waveform Distortion Nil
Short Circuit period & Percentage 300% for 250 Milli Sec.
Insulation Class B
Normal Operation Temperature 0° C to 45° C
Climate Conditions 90% Rh Max. Non Condensing at 35°C
Mode of system Fully Automatic
System Construction As per IS :9815 - 1994
Type of cooling Natural Oil Cooled up to l500 KVA

Indications in LCD Display Indications Programmable Controls
Input High and Input low Mains Input ON 3 LED Indications Display Scrolling - Auto / Manual
Output on indication 3ph output ON indication Start / Stop Buttons
Output high Cutoff and Output Low Cutoff Phase Reversal indication
over Load indication

Precious Power Technologies Pvt Ltd makes the best Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase oil Cooled systems that can withstand against heavy voltage loads, consumes relatively less power and ...reduces the frequent breakdown of the electrical appliances. Why should we need Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase oil Cooled? As the voltage fluctuations are common as per the increase and decrease of it randomly. Such electrical voltage fluctuations can damage the delicate & expensive electrical machinery by burning the windings or coils within them. The Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase oil Cooled balances the voltage levels and feeds the electrical device with safe and appropriate voltage, and it safeguards electrical equipment from the sudden voltage drops. Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase oil Cooled technology is necessary and extremely effective in the accurate large three phase applications and correct voltage is maintained at any power factor. Having hands on of experience in serving various industries, we have been able to offer the customers with an ideal range of products which include stabilizers, transformers, power conditioners, UPS systems and much more. We have designed our servo controlled voltage stabilizers for providing a constant voltage as output for single and as well as three phase applications which are widely appreciated for its efficiency, shock resistance, and ultimate performance. The Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase oil Cooled systems are specially crafted to stabilize the uneven AC voltages in the electronic and electrical equipment, CNC machines, and other delicate appliances.

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