Isolation Transformer

Capacity range upto 1500 KVA, 3Ph


• CNC Machines
• Telecommunications Equipments
• Bio Medical Equipments
• Large Computer Installations
• Printing Machinery
• Scientist Equipments
• Cell Phone Networks
• Garments Equipments
• Textile Machineries etc

Ouput Input Rating Available
Particular Standards
System Connections Delta/Star
Input Voltage 415V 3Phase
Ratios 1:1 and 2:1
Regulation Better than 3.5%
Output Voltage 415V or 200V 3Phase
Di-Electric strength 3KV for 60 Sec
Insulation Resistance Better than 1000 Mega Ohms
Power Factor 0.75 Lead to 0.75 Lag
Construction Standard as per IS 2026 Part I & II, IS 11171
Comman Mode Attenuation 80 db/100 db
Coupling Capacitance 0.1 PF for 80db
Leakage Current Less than 20 Micro Amps
Type of Execution Closed Type
Operating Temp. 0 degree celcius to 45 degree celcius
Type of cooling Natural Air/ Forced Air
Oil Cooled (Optional)

• Eliminates stresses that come from normal electrical transients.
• Meet stringent clean power requirements of the sophisticated / sensitive equipments.
• Reduces the effects of power line problems like Noise, Spikes, Surges, Transients and Neutral to minimum.

Ouput Input Rating Available
415 V AC 3 Phase
415 V AC 3 Phase
415 V AC 3 Phase }
220 V AC 3 Phase }
3 KVA 3 Ph upto
1500KVA 3 Ph
230 V AC 1 Phase
230 V AC 1 Phase
230 V AC 1 Phase }
110 V AC 1 Phase }
1 KVA 1 Ph and
50KVA 1 Ph

Precious power technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the esteemed names in the Indian electrical equipment manufacturing industry. We are top-notch industrial isolation transformer ...manufacturer, the supplier in pune, where you can find an extensive collection of innovative products for both residential and industrial applications. One of the recognized biggest isolation transformer dealers and exporters in Pune, which is known for its reliability, superior, and environmental friendly quality solutions to the customers. As the name suggests, it is used to isolate the two circuits electrically, which is made by using the advanced and upgraded technology to withstand in heavy voltage loads and other situations. Our isolation transformer units provide complete protection from any kind of power disturbances, spikes, shocks, surges, and etc. which results in the breakdown of electrical/electronic circuits, shortening of electrical equipment life and even heavy losses of production. The productive units from the isolation transformer manufacturer in Pune, ensure the supreme quality, mainly used as power transformers and safety precautions. Its excellent performance, robust structure, and providing protection to the sensitive devices make it as a highly demanded product in the market. They are used to provide the isolation in the medical equipment that is used in various hospitals and health institutions. Used to enhance the power quality, prominently used in the telecommunication equipment, computers, CNC machines, Analytical instruments and etc.

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